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Just as good as Fanta.

...well kinda.

7 September 1990
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Lydia. 16. Average teenage girl; harbouring an inner nerd which rabidly feeds on online fandom. I'm English and well, I like it. But I can't help but take an interest in east asian culture. Cos it's spiffy like that.
After the whole 'some-dudes-in-switzerland-are-gonna-destroy-the-world' thing; which I foolishly believed like an ignorant mug; I've srsly had a reconsider about life? Lol. So I can confidently tell you, I have no idea what I'm planning to do in the future. I'll make it up as I go along. And write about it on here along the way. XD
I am deffo not a twat. An idiot yes. So please feel free to approach meh. =3
(Can I just say, I'm very pissed off the name 'Fantan' was taken already. D8 That's my thingg~~)

Enjoying yourself. That's all that really matters, I guess. This is my excuse for indulging in pointless idiocy on a daily basis.
Is obsessed with: Cosplay. Loves it. Comedies, British in particular. Anime & Manga, what started this path of obsession. But most importantly, music. I listen to anything. Srsly. Especially fond of alternative rock/JRrock/KPop.
I can be a fangirl. Not insanely rabid lyk 'ONFGZZ KANGIN IS MINE!11!1'...though part of me wishes I had less dignity to scream stuff like that. Aha~ I do love Kangin though. ^^;


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