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21 August 2009 @ 09:51 pm

I was gonna do some epic post about leaving school, but that didn't happen. And now it's come to my attention that I only have one week left before I start 6th form. I've also noticed that I haven't actually posted anything public in a few months.

Tbh. I don't know what's happened with life. The last 2 months have been so completely ridiculous I'm still having trouble understanding it. I don't particular want to go into it. I can't even talk about it to my own nan... ok that sounds weird, but considering she spoke to me for the first time since I saw her a year ago, asking me if she could help me with it... TIS SRS STUFF. But I really, really don't care anymore. Bored of dealing with depressing immature people. GET OVER IT. That includes my social life which kinda died. My fault? Yeah I suppose. Not entirely, but I'll accept half of the blame.

I wouldn't say I've wasted this holiday. I got a few things done. Learnt grade 1 kanji....& how to order from a bar in korea? LOL. Yeah not that impressive. Got into a few new fandoms which are epic. Torchwood, Boston Legal... Harry Potter? Heh. Plus music this year has been completely amazing. So time to talk about the inevitable....


LOLZ. Ok, I'm listening to TMR ballads atm, so I'm a bit too melancholy to express my feelings about this properly. It's difficult to explain anyways...since I don't think many people actually know how much abingdon boys school mean to me. Lets ignore the Shibasaki Hiroshi factor for a sec. I'm trying not to sound like an overdramatic, idiot..twat; the stereotypical music obsessed teenager that would start slitting their wrists if their favourite band endorsed it. I would really like to believe that my love for abs is different. I bloody hope it anyways o.o This is admiration to the absolute maximum without being some psychotic creepy fangirl. YEH DAMN RIGHT.  ..although Hiroshi is a completely different story..-facepalm-  ^.^;;;

Can you kinda gage now how ridiculously & unbelievably overwhelmed I'm feeling? That I've bought tickets to see abingdon boys school & GOD. Best night of my life so far? I should fucking hope so. 
I would like to thank 1st & 3rd gen. Jesus for making this happen. <3  lololol

This remaining week... As much as I would love to complete everything on my list, I've accepted that this is rather impossible.
So here's something a bit more realistic.
- Finish a fanfic. & KangTOP chapters.
- Learn Unit 2 korean & ...more Japanese?
- Learn a dance. Probably Genie.
- Get a new bed.

That is all. There's probably something else that I should do.  Oh that 100 people I love list.... yeah it's coming along. I will finish it. I swear~ Srsly.
I shall post something soon. It'll be a year since I joined LJ soon. ^___^
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21 April 2009 @ 07:12 pm

HNNNNNNNNNN. -flailscolapsesinaheaponthefloor- ....-dies-
Ffs. WHY. DOUSHITE?!! Why does my main obsession in life have to be lyk...semi-obscure? Ok so I just found out the other day abs have their own shop...I knew they had their own FC, they spam all their stuff with adverts for it. (omg lol, that advert started the Hiroshi obsession) I didn't know every thing was exclusive to Japanese residents only. -headdesk- whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! & why can't I be living over there already? ;____;
I actually had a spasm on their shop thing though. It's all so british and yet about a japanese sexy old man band. I can't think of a better combination. -WHINES- I WANT TO BUY IT ALL. I want an abs cricket jumper ;_; I want a 'Masters of Rugby' tour shirt ;_; I want Takanori's earings ;_; I want a strength belt ;_; I want a union jack bag with 'abs' on it that Taka designed. ;_; FFS. I want all this lame stuff. Just one thing that I could wear all the time or something. I'd be so fucking happy. Seriously.

Lol. I WOULD SO USE THIS BAG EVERYWHERE. Taka has one aswell ^_^

._______________________. Just when I thought life couldn't become any more unfair. I CAN'T FIND THE LIMITED ADDITION ABS ALBUM FOR SALE ANYWHERE. Damn I want it so bad. It has a photobooklet and everything. Plz. Can someone just get me everything abs (including them) for my birthday? They should do more posters aswell. ^.^ OMG. NEW ALBUM. It is coming. I know it is. Damn it -spazzing- It's been described as their 'sophomore' album.... Idky that makes me high. erm cos it implies they're in school..heehee 16 yr old hiroshi...OMG LOL MY 'ABS FIREMAN PRIMEVAL HANA KIMI JESS IS A PERV DREAM WITH 16 YR OLD HIRSOHI'

I was gonna write about life stuff but I'm completely and utterly distracted now. Oh.. FIVE A*s & an A!!!!! In science. The only subject that matters....and I've got two over all As in core and additional and I've got a high A in further chemistry atm. o_o I could get an A* in further chemistry... SO TRYING FOR THAT. I'm finding out tomorrow what I got for Maths hopefully. I still really want to retake it. Don't think sir will let me though.... .__. I just wanted one A* gcse..I thought it'd be epic if I got it in Maths. I wanted to be the first person from set 2 to ever get one. Cos...although he's lame, I srsly would be getting like a C or something in Maths if it weren't for sir and lyk yeah...
So now the main exam shizzle is starting. German speaking next week. I'm...ok with it. Just need to work on the role play cards n shit. Then I'll be fine. Then after that is RE and more german. And somewhere in May, JAP is released. Something to get me through the exams I suppose. Although. I'm forbidding myself from watching the music video until lyk..a time when I don't have exams for a few days. Cos otherwise I'm gonna die.

- I just bought Oasis's recent single, 'Falling Down'. Tis the opening to Eden of the East. Which is so fucking epic, srsly. It's all epic. lovelove. Noel Gallagher <3 ^.^

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17 April 2009 @ 11:31 pm

Finished Hana Kimi. I almost cried at the end.
SO EPIC. Omg. I loved that drama. The characters make it amazing. I lyk totally love them all.
Nanba-senpai~ <33 he's /too/ good looking. Mizushima Hiro is now in the top 5 at least, of best looking guys on the planet. Srsly.
And Shirota Yuu >.< And and the guy that fancies Nanba >.< & the other dorm heads XD && Sekime ^.^ & anyone else I love.
Ongz. The gay doctor. *__* <3
I had my Sano moments aswell. But what made Hana Kimi was... NAKATSU SHUUICHI. 8DDD ...Ikuta Toma = new obsession. So Lolful & his musings that go off on tangents. <3

'Ore wa homo ja nai!' <3 ^.^ Gayboy Nakatsu.

Despite this, the side story of him falling in love with Mizuki just...ruined the whole thing. It's really horrible...He was prepared to be gay for 'him'. Lol I got quite emotional every time he got upset and rejected... o_o I am so in love with Nakatsu. .__. damn it why aren't there guys like him in the world D8
Twas a very good drama. It could have overtaken Coffee Prince, if Nakatsu wasn't continuously rejected every 5 minutes.

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06 April 2009 @ 08:46 pm

It feels like it's been awhile since I last posted.
It's the easter holidays finally. Not long left til exams n shit. S'alright though. I did some geography revision today. Tis easy. I'm confident about everything. Not German though. Gonna do some hardcore german on thursday.

Edit: When I started this entry. I had loads of bitching about my family. Mr. T happened to read it though. ^^;;
Bad bad times.
But...I feel like...maybe all the shit that been happening will clear up after that weird talk.

ANYWAYS. Enough of that.
Went out on Saturday with the usual people. It was really good. We played hide and seek and spent an hour and a half in Toys r' us. 8D They had Nick toys. HEEHEE. 8DD
Yayy~ sleepover at emma's was epic. Like as epic as the first time I slept over. =] We didn't even do anything. Apart from blaspheming and having a KangSung spaz. LOL @ SIWON. and Heechul..ahh didn't help my state. I've been feeling weird about Heechul since my dream about me and mini heechul. o_o I'm not a peado. I even said in my dream. 'I'm not a peado, so it can't work out' or something like that.... ok no comment.

I'm finally having a SuJu spaz. My love for Kangin has been restored. ALTHOUGH...I srsly love Yesung these days. ._. Sorry Emma. I've been having a Yunho spaz aswell in life... DONT HURT ME. D8
ahhhhh Kangin~ I love his chub. NICE. -strokes his tummy-  lol pregnant kangin. 

Ohh right. I read the fucking worst spoiler..ever. And now I don't fancy Nick that much anymore... I won't spoil it. But I feel like crying. 
Episode 2 was alright. I love what Abi was wearing. I might steal her style. She's so sexy with super short hair. ._.
Oh I also totally fancy the new woman. new woman x Nick. Um yes. (y) 

Downloaded more Big Bang Theory. I really like Penny again. And Sheldon has turned into a spaz. I love it. Totally supporting that pairing. Series 2 is so much more funny than the first.
'Ohhh mimicry. I enjoy mimicry. I've been working on Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi.'
'...You have to imagine me with a giant squid head.'
Apparently only nerds find big bang theory funny.... yeah, so true. .__.

What else is new....? omfg. new gazette single... I finally downloaded it. SO GOOD. No srsly. Distress & Coma is lyk...now one of my favs. Gonna buy their new album when it comes out. ^.^

Hmm.  Bout it for now.

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29 March 2009 @ 02:01 pm

FINALLY. New series. I was srsly excited when I started watching it.
New people in the opening.

So it starts off in the British Museum. And yeah there's a big crocidile thing. Not the most exciting monster, but it fitted with the whole thing.
Lyk...I thought it looked really fake though? The animation was quite good in series 2. And...more people would be freaking out if there was a giant crocidile roaming around London.

I like the new woman. They finally put someone non-white in the main cast...I know the casters have been getting shit for having like an all white cast.
Heeehee Nick <3 His hair isn't that bad. In my defence, Nick isn't my favourite because he's an old man and I seem to have a fetish for that. It just lyk...he's the best actor and he's the only one that actually makes me laugh....and his scottish accent is sexy....and he's a 'professor'...HEEHEE 8D

'Are you okay?!'
'Yep...just enjoying the view...'

Yeah..it was a good first episode. And the side plot was epic with Helen and the artifact in the future... and the clone guy...ahhhh I wanna watch more!!

(This entry was written really badly o.o)

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24 March 2009 @ 08:00 pm

I've never wanted to learn anything so badly. It's completely different from before...cos I'm not really into anime n shiz anymore. So this is lyk purely because I want to know the language. If my exams weren't in 2 months, I'd be learning it hardcore? o.o But everytime I get a spare hour and I get my japanese book out I feel like 'GET YOUR FUCKING GERMAN WORK OUT INSTEAD COS YOU'RE GOING TO GET A C OTHERWISE.' 

I've decided I'm going to dedicate my summer to learning Japanese. I'm gonna learn that book inside out. After, I'm going to get a tutor. Deffo. And I will sit a GCSE Japanese exam next year. WATCH ME. And I'll get an A. I'll fucking ace it. Srsly. That'll make up for my crappy grade in German?
No srsly. If I learn most of the syllabus over summer... which is completely possible. I could do it?
LOOL. Ok. Not realistic. at all. but I will try my best to be entered for an exam in it. I think if I could do it...it'd be lyk...my most proud achievement.
I'm going to ask Kerrins about it tomorrow.

I've been researching the gsce. You need to know at least 1000 words and be literate in katakana, hiragana & about 250 kanji.
Tegaru? Well...

I'm so gonna do this.

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07 March 2009 @ 12:19 am
I just watched Downfall. It was fucking epic. Seriously. I'm glad I watched it. Because it lyk..showed the Nazis from lyk, their point of view.
I thought the guy playing Hitler was amazing. The whole thing was like so emotional and morbid (obviously). At one point there's just lyk, death in every scene.
For some reason though, I didn't get annoyed at any of the people. I sort of, understood their way of thinking? Apart from that woman who was in love with Hitler and killed her own children because of him. I don't know why that sickened me more than Hitler. I suppose because, you don't really see much of the atrocities that Hitler caused, in it. You just see him as a withered and pathetic old man.

This film really helped my German. ^.^
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28 February 2009 @ 07:45 pm

It's been so long since I've gone high over a song in english, let alone an english song.

'And I am a weapon, of massive consumption,
And it's not my fault, it's how I'm programed to function.
I'll look at The Sun, and I'll look in The Mirror.
I'm on the right track, yeah we're on to a winner.'

This is the clean version. I downloaded the one with the random 'fucks' n stuff.
When the fuck did she become so pretty & cute?! She wasn't ugly before, obviously,..but not pretty like this! I love her, seriously.
I've had this on repeat all day. ^^;;
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23 February 2009 @ 07:24 pm

LOL at Hiroshi wearing a crappy jamaican beanie. Lyk..WANDS is good 90s shit, but after that, this al.ni.co... o.o; It's just him and some random guy that...is not kewly. I'm currently watching an al.ni.co interview from 1999 with some white woman..who's japanese or something. Idk.
Hiroshi's so awkward and smiley. X3 Heehee. Yeah...he looks best in his early 30s. ^.^;;
I've decided our children will be pretty. ^.^ ........ LOL 


Yeah. I'll spaz about her again. I need her new album.
I just listened to a preview of her new single with her sister. Sounds very good. Her sister's like...I dunno. Obviously not as pretty as Kuu, but lyk she sounds exactly the same. o_o
I'm really looking forward to this.

Hgn. I need to preorder abs aswell. And do history hw. Ok, yeah I'm going.

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19 February 2009 @ 02:56 am

I've done absolutely jack all today.
I'm fucking pissed off because of it.

Tried downloading more Big Bang Theory...torrents were shit though. And I need to redownload the beginning of Series 2 which I already have cos those english subtitles really annoyed me -.-
So hilarious though. From the 6 episodes I've watched, this is alot funnier than Series 1, srsly.

'Worst. Renaissance. Fair. Ever.' - 'Bosoms would not have said 'howdy' in the 15th century. If anything, they would have said 'huzzah'.'
'It'd hit that thang.' 'Oh please, you'd hit particulate soil in a colloidal suspension.' '...?' 'Mud.' 

Lmao. Srsly, I could quote lyk almost everything Sheldon says. XD
I love Sheldon XD And, I'm now supporting him x Penny. Ok, lyk, Penny was good for the first few episodes of series 1 and then she suddenly turned into a bitch and the acting went bad. o.o;

Anyways. In other news.
HIROSHI ON A BIKE!!! Okay, like I know I got high over the smallest things to do with Hiroshi, but he's one of two guitarists in an almost non-existant fandom. So. I'm allowed to go high over him on a bike.
I downloaded this thing. It wasn't subbed but I got the jist of what was happening. I Loled so very much at Takanori on his bike.
They were on this show...and for some reason they had to cycle to power up the tv or something, to play their music video? Takanori's bike was lyk shit and he kept blaming everyone. Hiroshi was next to him, so he was in every shot ^.^ His smile...is really cute. Srsly.

And then I downloaded that HeyHeyHey! Phone box thing. With subs. -.- Why did Takanori have to kill me with mental images?
'So what are abs's plans?'
'Well these 3 guys are going to work out and become macho?'
'Yes, for the live shows ofcourse. By the end of it, we plan to all be naked.'
-diesdiesdiesdying- And then Hiroshi's just doing his cute smile and being a spaz?

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